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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Best date ever


I just wanted to get some feed back on what people feel is the best date ever.

This post goes along with the survey I have posted. If you want to share your best date feel free to do so, You could also share your worst date ever. Hopefully they are not the same date!

I'm kind of traditional I like dinner and a movie with a walk in a park or down a beach as the sun sets. This way I get alot of talking and something to talk about, but I also like more romantic dates. My favorate date is one filled with romance; candle lite dinner, walk on the beach at sunset or sunrise, you get the idea.

As for the best date I have been on... I have to say when I talk with My Queen, every talk is like a date.

As for the worst... hmm there have been many, but the one that stands out was when I was in the Navy in Virginia. I was hit on by this girl in Target and we went out on a date. The entire date was spent with her talking about her ex boyfriend. "Can we say awkward" I did not mind talking to her about it but honestly who likes talking to a "date" about how she wants her ex boyfriend. We both decided to just be friends and then I talked to her about her ex and what not. I found out then I was one of the guys people come to for advice or just to be someone to lean on. back then I thought "GREAT I'm in the freakin' friend zone."

Hope to hear some of your best/ worst date ideas, stories and so on.


Felicity said...

My best date was when I went to cinema and I had ice-cream tutti fruti ice-cream which is my favourite and another date I went for dinner and I had mexican food and ice-cream. My worst date, when my ex-husband took me out, it was a Guyanese new year party, he was so boring! he wouldn't dance and every was dancing with their husbands/partners.

Traci A. said...

This blog is great, but you need to consider writing a book. You have a target subject and a cohesive way of streaming words together. Keep up the blog, but get your words out there. Seriously. You'll reach more people and could reap more support (financial + otherwise) for future blogging/writing. I MEAN THIS.
Traci A.

GoldenAh said...

An Indian guy took me salsa dancing.

Gloryus84 said...

One of my ex's took me to the art center where we saw tons of art. Then he took me on a walk around the lake (a lake I LOVE visiting nowadays) and then took me to one of the best italian restaurants intown for dinner (He's italian too and he knew how much I LOVE pasta, even if Im African lol). Well, he spent the whole day with me... it began at 11am and ended at about 9pm. I had a lot of fun that day, and I was very impressed with him because he planned the entire day out for our date :-) I think this was our 2nd date.