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Friday, January 1, 2010

Things Are Progressing!

Hello All,

Well things have been moving very, very fast for me. I have been so busy the last few months. Here is a recap… I got in to an accident thank God no one was hurt and no one was given a ticket. Work allowed me to keep my job and position. My wife and I are both looking forward to college. She starts in a few days I will start next semester. I have a lot of things to do like get my immunization records and pay my application fee and so on. Things with my wife and I are going great we learn new things about each other every day. Some things drive each of us up a wall but most we stand in awe of one another. It is truly amazing how different we are but that is also a major attraction.

Being a new father is really new but I love my daughter so very much. We all just got back from a wedding of one of my wife’s friends. Ii danced with both my wife and my daughter. Life is truly amazing. I went from being a lonely man who lives with his parents helping them with many tasks, to being a husband, father, son, and son in law. In just one year. Now it is 2010 and in refection I have been blessed to have a woman who loves me, a daughter who looks up to me, a family that has grown larger. I hope this New Year I gain more friends, gain more intelligence, and fitness, and that I will be a better husband, father, and friend. I also hope all of you are Blessed this year.

God Bless You All.