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from movie "Something New"

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Final Blow Out

Hello All,
Well as you can guess from the title there was a blow out at work. Mike decided to dishonor my Queen with racial undertones and I called him a name reserved for female dogs. He got mad got in my face and when I did not back down he took a swing which in sued in a fight. After some time of me not backing down and him throwing punches and kicks, he started trying to headbutt me. He tried kicking me in the groin, the leg and so on but when it did not work he started other low handed tactics. The only real blow from him a headbutt, broke my nose. After that the higher ups were notified and he was fired. Police were called and reports filed.
The police say I started the fight for calling him a name and that we both may be charged with disorderly conduct. Now where is the justice? he can getaway with saying “your girl is ugly because she is black.” And that is not merit for starting a fight! When did lawlessness and dishonor become part of out police force?
Anyway I defended My Queens honor and thankfully I still have a job. My nose will heal fine and the trouble maker is gone. Life goes on and the best part My Queen was flattered that I fought for her honor.
Well that’s all for now. Take care and watch out for what you say Cops may arrest you for it with some garbage charge.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Trouble in the work place.

Hello All,
ever have one of those days when all you want to do is go to work, do your job and go home. Yeah me too, sadly for the past few weeks I have been hounded by a guy names mike. first it was becuse i was a secutity guard then about my hair then about whatever he could find. latly though he has been even worse going off about things and even calling others a offensive term for a Black person. Which of corse I am not a fan of rasist to begin with. I reported him to my supervisor. so we will see what happens.
As a man I want to brake every bone in his body and leave him in a ditch, but as a Christian I am trying not to fight the guy and turn the other cheek. I always wonder why people act in ways they do in Mikes case I think it was partially from birth and then mix in the heavy drugs he has braged about taking. Some times people just confuse me.
Over all the second job is going ok I'm tired alot and having to deal with mike is not helping the situation. I wonder why some people don't just do thier job and go home and relax and play. Why make it harder for every one around you by playing at work and not doing the work? When I'm home i'm relaxing and playing but when I'm at work I'm at work.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Ask Ken Section

Hello All,

Here is your section to ask me Questions get advice and what ever you want. feel free to comment about what ever is on your mind, love, life, whatever.

One thing though- please be clean I would not like to have to delete comments because they were to vulgar or demeaning to others. other then that have a blast and let the communication flow.

Giving an update

Hello All,

well things have been going great for My Queen and I. My Queen came to visit me in August and things were simply Amazing. I truly did not want her to go back to Florida. Sadly she did because of the responsibilities she has there. Not to worry though we will be together soon God Willing. I took alot of pictures of My Queen and My Little Angel. that i have posted a few here.

Further News - Well I asked her dad for her hand in marriage, he took time to think about it and then said for us to wait till i moved down there. So in responce to this i am working two jobs and saving as much as I can to get down to My Queen. Other then that I am just taking care of my responcibilities here trying to sell my house to my parents and pay off my truck and then move to Florida.

The second job thing is going well so far but it makes me tired and what not so sorry if i'm not posting like normal. if you still want advice about things i am still here, just send me an email or post it in the ask Ken section I am setting up.
Well I Hope to hear from you and hope you have many Blessings upon you.