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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Trouble in the work place.

Hello All,
ever have one of those days when all you want to do is go to work, do your job and go home. Yeah me too, sadly for the past few weeks I have been hounded by a guy names mike. first it was becuse i was a secutity guard then about my hair then about whatever he could find. latly though he has been even worse going off about things and even calling others a offensive term for a Black person. Which of corse I am not a fan of rasist to begin with. I reported him to my supervisor. so we will see what happens.
As a man I want to brake every bone in his body and leave him in a ditch, but as a Christian I am trying not to fight the guy and turn the other cheek. I always wonder why people act in ways they do in Mikes case I think it was partially from birth and then mix in the heavy drugs he has braged about taking. Some times people just confuse me.
Over all the second job is going ok I'm tired alot and having to deal with mike is not helping the situation. I wonder why some people don't just do thier job and go home and relax and play. Why make it harder for every one around you by playing at work and not doing the work? When I'm home i'm relaxing and playing but when I'm at work I'm at work.


Tori C said...

Sorry to hear that you are working with a "true" asshole Ken. But I think ALL workplace environments have them you know. I am constantly at odds with some of the people I work with mainly becuase of my dating choices. Its funny how when things like that happen its like your back in high school or something...its crazy!
You have to remember that "Misery love company" and some people don't have a life that is why they are constantly in yours....It MUST be something about you that worries the HELL outta him or else why would he even bother.
Don't loose your cool. He ain't worth it. Hater are gonna hate-that's just what they do!!!

BWtamedKen said...

Hey Tori,
well true there will always be jerks who act like this. sorry to hear you have to deal with this issue as well.
well the not losing my cool is to late but I will repost a little later about that.