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Thursday, December 25, 2008

The Best Things in Life are Free!!!

Hello All,
It seems that in life people like to coin the phrase "the best things in life are free", but I wonder if they have really thought things through. I mean nothing in life is free, not even breathing. Yes we breath but the cost is the carbon dyoxide in our lungs being exchanged for fresh oxygen.
On Christmas we have a cost as well. God gave his son to die for us. so how is it free to have salvation when it cost another his life? Granted Jesus layed down his life for us willingly but it did still cost. So it maybe "free to us" but it cost the Blood of the only perfect man.
My point is this: many times we over simplify or choose to disregard the cost because the cost does not affect us directly.
This time of year people give more and pass it off as doing good works but then after the holiday is over they go back to the "me" set of mind. I know I tend to think of me more through the year but I still try to be others minded. I think this is an example of the war we fight within relationships as well. When we make choices do we consiter the others in our lives or do we just look at what pleases us only. I'm not saying some "me" time is bad we all need "me" time to some extent, but to have the others mind frame would make things better I think. Sometimes being a blessing to another is the best gift we can give, but it costs us time and energy to give to the other, so even then it is not free.
Maybe I'm looking to deep in to things or maybe not deep enough but just a though that came to me today as Christmas came to be.
Merry Christmas May God Bless You Greatly.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Hello All sorry for the absence.

Hey All,
well things have been busy. the winter this year has been cold lately. I have been able to spend time with a friend and his wife inbetween working and taking care of the house. I'm looking to leave Washington in April and to be in Florida by mid April. things with My Queen and I are ever Growing and thriving. We miss one another but we both know we are worth the wait. I completed the supervisor qualifications at my work so now I am a Professional Security Officer.

I have been reading the news and I have a question: When did a 9 year old boy get the term "ladies' man" I have not read his book but it seems to be rather ironic to me. So who has read the book on relationships from a 9 year old? What did you think?

I give props to the young man but i find it humorous he found the material for his book on the playground. so what are your thoughts?