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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Final Blow Out

Hello All,
Well as you can guess from the title there was a blow out at work. Mike decided to dishonor my Queen with racial undertones and I called him a name reserved for female dogs. He got mad got in my face and when I did not back down he took a swing which in sued in a fight. After some time of me not backing down and him throwing punches and kicks, he started trying to headbutt me. He tried kicking me in the groin, the leg and so on but when it did not work he started other low handed tactics. The only real blow from him a headbutt, broke my nose. After that the higher ups were notified and he was fired. Police were called and reports filed.
The police say I started the fight for calling him a name and that we both may be charged with disorderly conduct. Now where is the justice? he can getaway with saying “your girl is ugly because she is black.” And that is not merit for starting a fight! When did lawlessness and dishonor become part of out police force?
Anyway I defended My Queens honor and thankfully I still have a job. My nose will heal fine and the trouble maker is gone. Life goes on and the best part My Queen was flattered that I fought for her honor.
Well that’s all for now. Take care and watch out for what you say Cops may arrest you for it with some garbage charge.


Phantom Mare said...

Though the circumstance was unfortunate. Your defence of her is quite admirable, that is what a man should do and unfortunately many do not exhibit this.

Have a blessed evening!!:o))

CW said...

Indeed...I am glad you are alright...Sounds like this Mike was a few sandwiches short of a picnic anyways!

sachab28 said...

Thank you for standing up for a BW. Like Phantom Mare says, many males don't defend women. Thank you for being one that does. YOU ARE TRULY A MAN.

Gloryus said...

Wow that was mighty big of you to do that. I think the loser got what he deserved. Wish all guys can defend their women that way....

Taylor-Sara said...

Yeah, I'm proud of you. And very glad your girl has you. She is a lucky lady. I do my best to send more and more bw toward good men like you. So many women have never had a man even speak in their defense much less fight for them! Proud of you!

Anonymous said...

Judging from the article it sounds like you may have been arrested for this? If you were you may be able to fight the charge in court to have the records expunged because he started the fight when he threw the first punch. but on the better side of things I do admire the way that you defended her and I definately consider you a real gentlmen and she is a very lucky lady to have you in her life

BWtamedKen said...

Anonymous said...
"Judging from the article it sounds like you may have been arrested for this? If you were you may be able to fight the charge in court to have the records expunged because he started the fight when he threw the first punch."

My Response,
no i was not arrested but the cop told me i might be charged with disorderly conduct. because i called him a name and then did not back down. even though he was making rasist comments and things and even threw the first punch.
i use to think the cops were to protect and serve but it seems any more they only serve them selves and protect the criminals. and we wonder why things are getting so bad with the crime rate.

BWtamedKen said...

Thank You All for your kind words and support. I wish more men would stand up for thier women too. Sadly it seems that honor and being a knight in shining armor is out of date. Which is very sad indeed.

bint alshamsa said...

I'm sorry you had to go through this. I hope your nose heals quickly.

Anonymous said...

I agree, You are truly a man. I hope I'm able to meet a man like you one day.

How could that man disrespect your Queen that way, she is gorgeous!
I hope your nose heals.

Peace and Blessings..;)