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Saturday, April 18, 2009

In Florida with My Queen

Hello All,

Well I now am in Florida it took 4 days of hard driving and seeing My Queen for the first time in months was amazing. She meet me and helped guide me to my appartment. I now have internet and hope to start blogging soon. I am working but sadly I am not getting the hours I want and need so I am looking to start a second job soon. any way I hope all of you are blessed.
bye for now.


Staci said...

So happy to read that you are now with your Black Queen. Am looking forward to your continued blogging.

Anonymous said...

Good luck in finding a job in Florida. I'm about to leave Florida.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your engagement. I hope the two fo you will be very happy. I have a few questions for you, Ken. I’ve been trying to encourage a close relative of mine (she’s black) to get back into the dating game again, but this time, to include men of other races. It seems like many of these dating websites don’t have men fill in their profiles what races of women they would like to date. How will she be able to tell which non-black guy is open to dating women outside his race and who isn’t? It seems nowadays, most women don’t just wait for guys to read their profiles and initiate contact; women also do the initiating, but who would want to be wasting time emailing non-black guys who only wan to date within their race? Do you know of any dating websites where guys are asked when filling their profiles to specify which races of women they want to go out with? Also, what dating website did you and your fiancee meet on?

Robert German said...

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